“ A properly trained man can be a dogs best friend” (Cory Ford)

Kind, fair and effective reward-based pet dog training by Karen Miller

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Thinking of getting a dog? or before your new dog comes home…... Train Your K9 can help you identify appropriate breeds for you and your family. Get you, your family and your home prepared for the arrival of your new dog. We provide advice from toilet to crate training, and all those little things you wished someone had told you! We can help to make sure you have all you need to give your dog a happy, safe and secure beginning to life in your family.

Puppy Life skills...The way in which your puppy meets new things could be the difference between growing into a well adjusted dog or not. We will introduce your puppy to being able to cope with life in and outside of your home in a positive way. From learning to settle, playing with you and on their own, coping with noises and new things, frustration and all the skills they will need to set them up for life. Your dog is never too young to learn. The benefit of using a personalised trainer is that there is never an age issue. We start at home, as young as you like.

Adolescent and beyond…This can be a very difficult time for both you and your dog. Having a good foundation of ‘Life Skills’ will prove invaluable but if you are struggling with calling your dog back, with them walking politely on the lead, jumping at everything and everyone or just want to refine their manners we can help you.

Not everyone takes on a puppy… so no matter the age of your dog, whether they are new to you or not or whatever their level of training is we can help. You may want a better understanding of your dog and how training will help and the types of training your particular dog will find the most fun using with their breed specific behaviours and skills.

Fun Stuff...Although it’s important to keep all training sessions fun, for some owners and dogs the fun stuff helps increase their bond or keep their dog's brain active and alert. From tricks to fun games including all the family...just for fun!

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