Kind, fair and effective reward-based pet dog training by Karen Miller

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We’ve been working with owners and their dogs since 2005 - using proven training methods to build the trust relationship between you and your dog. Using our training techniques both you and your dog will learn to work together for great results. Your dog will want to work with you so you'll have a well-mannered, well adjusted and happy pet.

At Train Your K9 the emphasis is on personalised training and good manners, we always identify yours, and your dogs needs at your assessment session. We work with all dogs, from puppies to adults including adolescents.

We believe that good training starts at home and that's what makes us different from other training classes - no village halls or unwanted distractions - just you, your family and your dog in your own environment.

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Karen Miller

Karen has held a passionate interest in dogs, their welfare and training for many years. She has a wide range of clients whose common interest is the welfare of their dogs.

In 2004 Karen extended her long standing interest in dogs and completed a training course with respected pet behaviour counsellor Carrie Evans. On completion of the course she continued her pet dog training education whilst volunteering at a Chester-based pet dog training club. Her role there included running beginner and intermediate classes, as well as assisting with puppies and advanced classes.

In March 2007 she gained membership of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK (M.A.P.D.T 00978) and therefore works to a strict code of conduct primarily concerned with the welfare of the dog and education of their owners.

Karen founded Cheshire-based TRAIN YOUR K9 in 2008 to provide pet dog good manners training to owners in their own homes. She is committed to keeping up to date with current training practice, attending conferences and seminars to ensure she brings the latest kind, fair and effective techniques to her clients and their dogs.

As well as running her busy dog training service she is an active volunteer for Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE) at kennels, events as part of the rehoming team.